TOP Estonian eGovernance success stories

On September 23, 2009, in In English, by Siim Lepisk

Estonian IT Architecture committee asked me what are my favorite examples of Estonian eGovernance success. Here are my TOP Estonian e-Governance solutions/systems/projects.

Infrastructure solutions making citizen’s life better on background:

  1. eID infrastructure (achieved ubiquitous level)
  2. X-tee infrastructure (achieved ubiquitous level)
  3. Document exchange centre (maturity level)
  4. Administration system of the state information system RIHA
  5. ePolice
Useful e-services for citizen:
  1. Company registration and information portal
  2. Interenet voting (maturity level)
  3. Web Map server
  4. Citizen portal (maturity level)
  5. eKool (eSchool)
  6. eTax Board, e-Customs
  7. eHealth (pilot level)
  8. Address Data System

Other good background initiatives are:

Good to know what we have here running as a big picture. For further information, you could also visit eGovernance Laboratory, which is a company independently piloting Estonia’s best practices abroad.

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