Post-holiday TODO and inspiration template

On November 2, 2012, in In English, by Siim Lepisk

Ever returned from a holiday and got hit by the hundreds of e-mails and overwhelming workload?

Before you dig back into the work, identify and mark down your priorities. Do it at least for the first and second day back at work.

And what is even more important: you probably got some very inspiring work-related ideas from your holiday – make sure you write them all down to react upon later on. Even if you didn’t, just take a few minutes to think how your holiday might have inspired your work!

Here’s a template that will helps you to be more productive at work, especially after your annual leave, but also every day.

After 10+ years of studying best productivity practices, I came up with a simple form for having things in order and peace of mind after last 2 weeks on holiday. The form really helps to achieve decent productivity when back at work.

You will probably start to notice a whole array of new opportunities once your priorities and thoughts are neatly organised.

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