Jim Collins’ latest business strategy extravaganza, “Great By Choice” gave a good concept for validating your strategies empirically. Whether it’s a general change in business strategy or a product launch, it all makes a perfect sense.

The concept is “Fire Bullets Then Cannon Balls”

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From 70 to 9,2000 people: one month later

On June 20, 2011, in In English, by Siim Lepisk

We just merged my digital services agency with a Big Four agency, growing from 70 to 9,200 employees in one month. From the manager’s point of view, what has changed since then?

  • Information – corporate knowledge base and intranet are huge resources for marketing insight. Also we’re part of global weekly newsletter and local monthly newsletter contains more exciting content. I wouldn’t even need any other digital marketing related news or research sources than the corporate ones.
  • Productivity tools – some software development processes (e.g. testing), is now taken into higher level of professionalism. Now we can more easily afford enterprise tools to govern our IT processes.
  • Trainings – in-house training are even more popular. If you have word-wide brand, it’s probably easier to get hardcore speakers for in-house trainings.
  • Workload – there is indeed a higher amount of sales leads what to filter. Large clients trust us even more. More paid work for everybody, which is very nice.
  • IT governance - IT governance is now part of global network that defines some standards for hardware and software. The corporate policy defines that Estonian manufacturers are not listed as preferred hardware vendors.
  • Innovation – efficient working leaves us more time for productizing the existing software solutions. Soon we will be announcing our first public product that everyone could use.

Obviously there are more interesting changes, but those are the ones I could classifiy at this point of time.

Kuidas koostada hea programmeerija CV

On November 18, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Siim Lepisk

Viimase aasta jooksul olen oma meeskonda otsinud pidevalt täiendust programmeerijate näol. Jälle CV baasides ringi vaadates märkasin, et viimase 6 kuu jooksul on tekkinud sadu PHP ja .Net kogemusega inimesi. Kuidas aga nende seast õige leida? Millised CV-d müüvad hästi?

PHP CV näidis

Hea LinkedIn-i CV näidis PHP arendajalt

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