Adizes PAEI management styles

On November 21, 2011, in In English, by Siim Lepisk

Dr. Ichak Adizes has defined four types of leadership roles that every company needs to have:

  • Producer – satisfies client needs -> how many clients come back to buy competitive products or services?
  • Administrator – assures that organizational processes are systematized: that there are producers and that events happen in the right sequence with the right intensity -> ensures efficiency in the short run.
  • Enterpreneur – visionary role ensuring that the organization takes the right direction, combining creativity with willingness to take risks -> assures existence of future services and products, which future clients will want and seek.
  • Integrator – building climate and system of values that motivates individuals to work together, so that no one is indispensable -A rendering the company efficient in the long run.

Are all of them fulfilled in your company?

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