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On July 24, 2010, in In English, by Siim Lepisk

Over time I’ve tried over 100 different personal branding tools. Here are my favorite TOP9 of online applications that successful personal branders are using. As Google offers quite good suite of its own applications, I’ve listed all of them, and good alternatives Google’s applications.

Tool Google__ Alternative
Website / Blog Blogger WordPress
Professional network LinkedIn
Images Picasa Flickr
Videos Youtube Vimeo
Social network Facebook
Status updates Buzz Twitter
Location updates Latitude Foursquare
Questions and Answers Quora or LinkedIn
Presentations and Files Slideshare

I’ve highlighted in bold the ones that serve the purpose most well. Indeed the popularity depends on the country as well. E.g. see the social media site comparison 2009-2010.

By creating your account to all these networks, you will:

  • increase the visibility of your personal brand
  • increase your position in Google and other search engines
  • assure that no-one else grabs your name and identity


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