Formula of getting things done

On January 10, 2007, in In English, by Siim Lepisk

Today while talking to my good old friend about the possible future perspectives of his business venture, it reminded me again the “ultimate success formula” – all the motivational speakers are basically presenting the same 4-step formula:

  1. Vision.
    • Imagine everything that would be possible if anything would be possible!
    • Where do we want to go?
    • From what do we know that we are there?
    • If working in teams, ensure that all the members share the common vision.
  2. Current situation. Draw the map:
    • Where we are now?
    • What have we learned from past?
    • Which is the best way to use these lessons in future?
  3. The path.
    • What steps have to be done to get there?
    • From who to get consulting, what to read?
  4. The journey.
    • Start going for it.
    • Be flexible – new perspectives might open new visions.
    • Don’t settle, don’t surrender.

And what is the “funny” thing – the most of all that is in yourself already. Indeed consulting with others helps to release that and see the new perspectives, yet it’s still your own mind that matters all.

Once you discover that the hardest part of achieving something is defining exactly what you want to achieve, everything else will be piece of cake.

PS: A guy called Corporate Hypnotist has some good tips on setting the goals in general in his blog.

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