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On November 6, 2009, in In English, by Siim Lepisk

After 5,5 years work in one of Estonia’s largest tailor-made software firm Helmes, I decided to move further into industry of digital marketing. From October 2009 I am in position of Blue Barracuda‘s Managing Director of Estonian Branch. Blue Barracuda is strategic digital media agency, headquartered in London. We are constantly recruiting new people to our Tallinn office. As foreigners are often interested to work in Tallinn, I gathered here the essential info about Estonia:

  2. Tallinn City
  3. UK Embassy in Tallinn
  4. US Embassy in Tallinn
  5. City24 Real Estate portal
The average monthly net/gross salary in Estonia 2009 Q2 was about 590/1000 GBP and average salary in IT/telecom sector is 910/1600 GBP. The gross salary includes all taxes payable by employer: 33% of social tax, 21% of income tax (with tax-free minimum of 130 GBP) and 3% of unemployment insurance. These are unavoidable taxes for all employees. The only voluntary tax is pension of 2%.
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  • Erki

    Õnnitlused. Uued väljakutsed alati head. Kas tulemas on ka EE lehekülg eraldi? Suur teil meeskond siin juba on?

  • Siim Lepisk


    EE lehekülg on hetkel väga toore idee faasis veel. Mida näiteks Sina ootaksid sealt näha? :)

    Eesti meeskonnas on meil täna täiskohaga tööl 10 inimest.


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