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On June 20, 2007, in In English, by Siim Lepisk

We got it made. Junior Chamber International’s European Conference 2006 in Tallinn – the Baltic’s largest conference with more than 2200 participants all over the Europe.

See more pictures of Opening Ceremony

8 tracks of trainings in parallel for 4 days. Key note speakers. Party, afterparty and after afterparty every evening.

For the truly hard-core and young at heart JCI members we have prepared something truly unique and extraordinary. For some of us a party and an after party simply is not enough. Having the choice to continue until you feel like it is something many of us have longed for so long. Seeing the hosting city at all times and from all sides helps you form a lifetime memory of the best JCI Conference you have ever visited.

As “white nights” can only be witnessed this far in the north, we wanted you to experience it first-hand. During the conference the sun rises every morning a few minutes after 04.00.

Be the first to welcome the sun on one of Tallinns beautiful beaches in the company of your JCI friends, a breathtaking view, some refreshments and music. Buses leave from the after party to a different beach every night. This is your one time opportunity to experience what a capitol by the seaside really means.

Buses leave from the after after party to take you to your hotel for those invaluable couple hours of sleep before next days trainings.

I was responsible for coordinating the magnificent team of after afterparties. On first night we gathered 75 visitors, second night got us 350 and third night 600 (!) people to Pirita Beach at 4 am!

Hereby thanks for the great team: Hanno, Andres, Tiina, Kadri, Kersti, Meelis, Jan and others!

Delegates arriving to second after afterparty
Delegates arriving to second after afterparty at 4:04 am. Click to see few more pictures

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