I have been always passionate about technology and what it can do for people and businesses.

As a kid I wrote my first programs in Basic on a 086 computer. Later in 1997 I learned to write HTML and to play around with Adobe Photoshop. Few years later I wrote my first PHP applications using MySQL database. The rest of the career has been a logical progression of that.

I graduated Estonian IT College with a diploma in Information Systems, got my MBA from Estonian Business School and among dozens of other training, went through a 2-year EMBA programme in EBS Executive Training Centre.

I’ve been managing web-based software projects for 15+ years, delivered mission-critical and life-critical projects for airports and hospitals among others, consulted top Estonian organizations on increasing their IT efficiency, and developed new business for Estonia’s largest software company. During my past 5 years I turned an independent team of digital specialists into a sellable business unit and integrated it profitably into a stock-listed enterprise.

Today my job is to assure that the businesses get competitive advantage from use of technology. I create, manage, supervise and lead technical teams. I love understanding both the business and tech side, and merging the people together for the shared goal.

Besides the daily work I enjoy playing tennis and golf, and creating positive change through JCI for constant personal/professional growth and development for myself and others.Siim Lepisk


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